VIDEO COMMERCE + SOCIAL for glocal business and opportunities

WEEIUP is the new multi-functional omnichannel space for the Social Lifestyle Experience that combines sociability with business.

Glocal experiential digital place where you can organize trade fairs, exhibitions, business, sales, try & buy and e-Commerce, as well as cultural events, meetings and lifestyle events.

An expo center that combine the needs of businesses, brands, professional users and consumers expectations.

A new way to create concrete value for both businesses and the consumers, through a synergic and collaborative activies that help meetings and exchange of experience.


WEEIUP.COM redefines the Business Hub and e-commerce interface concept, using minimalist and compact video-based promo-sales, leveraging the video advertising emotional component combined with social hub interactions.

Video Commerce Omnichannel powered by WETUBES, where videos and contents-products are layered on video and synchronized with each other thanks our exclusive Digital Smart Showcase.

With the immediate shopping conversion directly from the video: customers can add-to-cart and checkout without leaving the video streaming.

Experiences Blockchain based by QIAO TAGs for traceability and brand - product certification.

eHUB ready for your exclusive business experience and more!

Start now @Weeiup your:
- Video Commerce distribution
- Glocal Online Distribution
- Glocal B2B Distribution
- Glocal Social Commerce
- Glocal O2O Commerce
- Glocal Digital Commerce

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