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Vimini Collection from Kettal: the Beauty of Being Outdoors

One of most interesting collections from Kettal that adapts perfectly to summer is certainly Vimini, a project created by Patricia Urquiola and named after the material used to make the furnishings. The name also evokes memories of an island that is dear to the designer’s heart: Bimini, in the Bahamas.

The collection includes outdoor sofas, chairs and tables, characterized with a base structure in wood spaced to recall the structure of wicker in typical garden furniture.

This collection sports a modernist spirit and a deliberately unfinished look. All pieces have the same wicker basket theme, which brings to mind this object that represents our memory and makes us feel at home.

The result is a timeless collection, perfect for tastefully outfitting the garden or terrace, and the promise of being able to enjoy pleasant relaxing moments outside.

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