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Protect your Trademark in China by Qiao Lab

QIAO LAB celebrates 10 years of activity and launch "Protect your Trademark in China", a concrete action to provide a better support to own clients on Chinese market.

A special package with a flat rate of € 399 (including Chinese translations) which allows companies to be able to register easily their company brand.

This because from our survey is emerged that the majority of companies that operate or intend operate on Chinese market, have NOT registered their brand in China.

Asking the reasons, most highlight the high costs required to activate the trademark registration process.

Many the risks connected: from serial "brand copiers", to the paradox of having to pay damages for violation of intellectual property rights to another Chinese company.

As happened to a French wine company that had to pay 5 million dollars for using its own brand-label in China, which however had already been registered by another Chinese company.

For this reason and to help companies to defend against this growing risk,QIAO LAB launches "Protect your Trademark in China".

To protect their history and brand, the "business card" for a solid and growing presence on the market.

For more information or to join the program: #trademark">

Direct contacts by replying to this email or by teleconference using our telebooking at the following address:

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