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The year was 2021; Webster Dictionary had added a slew of Gen-Z-related words and phrases like digital nomad, NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, augmented reality, and my new personal favorite dubbed by Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse.

The translation? The internet is evolving to a stage that is more immersive, intuitive, and one step closer to completely immersive virtual reality experiences.

Zuckerberg may make Meta the first big tech corporation to invest $10 billion in a virtual universe, but we are beginning to see indications that other major corporations will soon follow suit.....

Link: https://venturebeat.com/2021/12/25/video-games-and-their-communities-are-influencing-the-metaverse/?fbclid=IwAR3ZLYC2mWRnsSEFVZICJW7WQsGamJw-AIbIcmKPetOSoY2qB3WHHtyTCtA