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With time, the armchair designed by Alfredo Häberli, Alias wins the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the third time and confirms its leadership in the world of Made-in-Italy design excellence. The armchair was selected because of its design quality and innovation by an international jury composed of designers, teachers, experts and journalists. The award will be handed over on 22nd June during a ceremony to take place at the Aalto Theatre in Essen. In this manner, time becomes part of the Red Dot Design Museum, where the award winning products have been collected since 1955.

“I have great respect for the Red Dot Design Award, which I find absolutely current in its capacity to promote the culture of design and innovation applied to the project: receiving this prestigious recognition is a great honour for both Alias and Häberli. From the start, time proved a veritable challenge in that the designer’s original idea of transforming a bidimensional form into a 3-D shell by bending it made it necessary to invent a new sheet-like material that was sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a person, flexible enough to be bent into the desired shape, had form memory and an outstanding surface quality requiring no coating. In the process, we also sought the expertise of artisans specialising in snowboard sandwich construction and, after two years of work, this astonishing project came to life, combining the formal elegance of Alfredo’s design and the technological research conducted by the Alias product development team, habitually engaged in exploring new materials and technologies”, explains architect Andrea Sanguineti, Alias brand manager & design director.

was born of the gesture that the designer makes in giving shape to a shell characterised by great stylistic balance and unique ergonomic characteristics. The die-cutting process performed on the sheet, which consists of a sandwich of wood and composites, enables the parts to be fitted together seamlessly, and creates a highly ergonomic, enveloping design.  With Time, Häberli experimented with the latest manufacturing techniques and found in Alias the ideal partner to give voice to a new, contemporary language, whereby highly innovative contents can coexist with a strong human component. So, thanks to their quality design, time receives one of the most sought-after and important international design awards, a prize whose aim is to honour the exceptional quality of designers and producers who, since 1955 have been competing for the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD and are celebrated in an annual ceremony in Germany and presented in the Red Dot museum at Zollverein, Essen.

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In 2020, the luxury brand Turri has launched different furnishing proposals mainly for the living room.

The new Blues sofa is only the first of a series of pieces in a deliberately contemporary style that were designed for Turri by Giuseppe Viganò to add to their 2020 catalogue.

An extraordinary example of artisan craftsmanship and attention to design, Blues is the first modular sofa created by the brand.

In fact, the wide selection of modules includes many central elements, end elements, chaise longues, corner pieces and poufs. Blues offers countless composition options to fit any need.

The sofa is also available in a “fixed” version, where essential design and a richness of details blend to become its main feature.

Blues has a regular, linear walnut base, and tubular feet in metal.

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Living Divani went to Sardinia to furnish a temporary luxury store for the famous ship building brand Sanlorenzo, which is taking part in the elegant nautical trade fair Waterfront Costa Smeralda from 11 July to 6 September.

The fair, organised in the beautiful locality of Porto Cervo, hosts internationally renowned brands and shops, including the Sanlorenzo yacht brand.

To make its space unique, the brand commissioned Living Divani to use its extensive experience in luxury furnishings. The temporary Sanlorenzo atelier was designed to offer yacht enthusiasts unique experiences and customisation ideas: from lounges to meeting rooms in unique elegance to authentic “relaxation oases” where Living Divani furnishings are the perfect addition.

Visitors will be able to admire the strong but not invasive Wedge table, which is accompanied by the Maja D armchairs upholstered in light coloured fabrics.

The stand’s second room features the chaise lounge Ile Club, with its robust frame in minimal thicknesses, which supports the full, soft volume of its top part with lightness.

The Track bench from designer David Lopez Quincoces is also present, here offered in an elegant leather upholstered variant.

Ile small tables complete the furnishing scheme, accompanying even the most luxurious yachts with their light, sophisticated shapes.

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A calendar of experiential and traveling events dedicated to Italy and its original and unique lifestlye approach . An interactive guide to the direct discovery of the excellence and emotions of Italian Lifestyle seen in their different perspectives, expressions and territories, going beyond stereotypes, highlighting the connections that make it unique and inimitable.

A multi-sectorial and multi-sensorial transversal experience to discover and spread the real values of the millennial and current culture that characterizes the Italian Way. A digital journey with which to bring the experience directly in contact with the e-traveler and when is possible, to interact really and directly with the proposed experience. An invitation to meet again as soon as conditions will allow it.

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